Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Some thoughts on Pain

Note: This is draft, I'm still working on it. But I've added it cos today I've come across 2 people who might find it helpful. Pictures and spell check and tidying up for making sense will happen eventually

Pain is something I never really thought about before I got ME/CFS. It was something that happened only at specific times, like bashing my elbow or falling off my bike or my pony as a child. It had an identifiable cause and effect (I bang my elbow is the cause, with an effect of pain where I banged it) and was real in that it was related to some specific visible damage to my body, and acute, in that it hurt, then it healed and decreased accordingly.  In short, basic over the counter pain killers worked.

Then from around 2005 onwards I was assailed by different forms of pain. The first being random pains that either had a specific origin say my leg or arm, but no apparent cause (rather like those mystery bruises we all get sometimes, they're there but we don't remember walking into anything.)