Saturday, 7 June 2014

Recipe - Ghanian Fish and Okra Soup - Time (30-40mins) Skill (Easy) Eating (Easy)

So, on a Facebook Group, people were talking about freezing bananas and I mentioned the green bananas in the freezer left over from this recipe, and was asked for it. So here it is, another lovely carer prepared meal that gets better the day after it's cooked.

As ever, no photo of my own, but this one I googled looks more or less like the recipe does
This image came from a Nigerian Recipe here

So, a soup/ stew made from fish, okra and green bananas. Not sure? Neither was I, but it's really really tasty. And the carer who cooked it (who doesn't like fish) gave it a little try and liked it too.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Timewasting 2 - Watching kittens grow up

Sometimes it's quite hard to find something to keep your antsy-ness occupied when your brain & body are so tired they just can't concentrate.

My solution is KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is Foster Dad John's Current Litter - see below for links

Not in my house, that would be too much effort and I suspect Ivorcat would be unimpressed. On a webcam. Watching them grow up.

Recipe - Sausages braised with Lentils - Time (30mins), Skill (Easy), Eating (Easy)

Better late than never! Maybe.  Yet again, it got eaten before there were photos.  Oops.  so here's a photo from the web
This picture is from another blog called Big Girls Small Kitchen here

Right, so who doesn't like sausages! (no-one) Who isn't sure about lentils? (most of us I suspect....).  I first had a version of this at the Nicolas Wine Bar in Canary Wharf here. And very nice it was too. Imagine my surprise when I found I already owned a recipe for it in the Quick After Work French Cookbook by Hilaire Waldon here - which I've adapted a bit to my current needs...