My name is Lois Addy

I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2007 at King's College Hospital CFS Unit in London, having struggled increasingly with energy levels and tiredness since my teens (I'm in my 40s).

I participated in the PACE Medical Trial, randomly allocated to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I got worse but more stabilised during the Trial.  And fairly successfully pretended to be normal.  Until Winter 2012/2013 when gynaecological problems caused me to have a relapse & be housebound since May 2013. So as I can't work anymore and might never be able to again, I've come out of the ME/CFS closet!

This blog is intended to be a collection of links/ information that hopefully will cut down the amount of searching around 'meeps' (people with ME/CFS) have to do to find out about their condition and how to deal with it.  I found it very energy sapping that there's no easy rules to follow to keep yourself stabilised or soften a relapse or even increase activities. And I have done a LOT of thinking about how to reorganise my life around this illness so that I can try and live a bit and not just exist.

It's not intended to be a comprehensive 'one stop shop' - just to give fellow sufferers a head start on what I've found is available/ possible.

December 2013

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